While we bring a skill and toolset to the market that is cross-sector, we have built up particular expertise in a number of sectors. We would love to discuss particular examples, as we are unable to display many of these publically.


Alongside providing consulting and training support, we focus services on three key tools.

  1. Performance frameworks – monitoring and communicating performance

  2. Decision support tools - for development portfolios and financial planning

  3. Predictive analytics - to help plan for the future by forecasting the likely out-turn of KPIs

Performance frameworks provide an easy way for all levels of staff to understand their performance. These frameworks have several elements including:

  • identifying and gathering a consistent set of timely KPIs delivering ‘one version of the truth’;

  • advanced data mining and analytics to identify the causes of performance variation, spot outliers automatically and monitor unusual changes in behaviour;

  • forecasting the expected future value of KPIs;

  • easy to use dashboards that make performance scores, operational and financial KPIs and asset management data much more accessible, as appropriate, to all levels of staff whether board members, managers or staff; and hence

  • the ability to monitor performance readily, understanding the links to strategic risks.

We also run a series of housing analytics training courses in partnership with HouseMark, one of the UK's largest housing sector membership organisations.


We have worked with clinical commissioning groups and NHS providers to develop information strategies and data repositories to support decision making and analytical insight.

We also work with the pharmaceutical industry to develop dashboards that assist decision making and bring a wider body of evidence to support decision makers.

CULTURE and Tourism

We develop business planning tools to facilitate cash flow forecasting and in depth scenario modelling. The aim is to present high level plans to boards and funders and enable them to change assumptions interactively, exploring the impact, for example, of changes in visitor numbers or spending profiles.

We also have been involved in numerous economic impact studies of business and leisure tourism, often taking a critical approach, in order to understand where value is created most effectively within a local economy. 


For several years we have worked with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) on a series of important analytical and process improvement projects. For example, we have:

  • developed sales operations and sales planning dashboards;

  • provided economic forecasts of markets demand

  • analysed monthly sales patterns and provided forecasts of whether sales targets are likely to be achieved

Our skill has combined in depth regression modelling, interface design and process mapping.