Training Courses

We offer a range of data analytics training courses. These can be provided either at your own organisation's base, or at our head office in Sheffield.

  1. Data analytics for businesses and organisations
  2. Statistical survey analysis
  3. Housing analytics (in partnership with HouseMark)
  4. Bespoke training - tailored to your organisation's specific needs
  5. Performance frameworks
  6. Predictive analytics

Our courses are practically orientated, with a mix of:

  • Key material
  • ‘Real-world’ examples
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Individual and group exercises with 'hands-on' experience
  • Group discussions incorporating experiences from your own organisation
Musgrave Analytics delivered excellent bespoke training. Simon spent time to understand our business and needs of the training to the workshops delivered value. It was evidential that Simon is very experienced and knowledgeable on data, statistics and analytical techniques but he was able to communicate this complex area in a human way without baffling us with science! It was very well put across and my team have definitely benefited from the training.
— Katie Moore, Head of Business Intelligence, WM Housing Group

Data analytics for businesses and organisations (2 days)

This course is aimed at developing the capability of an organisation (e.g. a Business Intelligence team) to understand data, analytical methods, interpretation and presentation to a wide range of audiences. It is based on taking a more analytical and critical approach to key data series and performance indicators, ensuring that the maximum value is extracted from the data for the benefit of the business.


  • Introduction
  • Data analysis overview
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Explanatory data analysis
  • Identifying outliers
  • Key performance indicators
  • Relationships between variables
  • Building models
  • Data inference
  • Data presentation: Building the ‘stories’
  • Pulling together the right skills (optional module)

Statistical survey analysis
(0.5 to 1 day)

Survey data is used very widely by business and organisations. However, analysing survey data can present a variety of challenges and common questions include: How can I identify key differences between particular groups of respondents? How do I know if such differences are statistically significant?
This course provides an introduction to the key statistical techniques that are invaluable for analysing survey data.


  • Background and context
  • Types of variables
  • Descriptive statistics and presentation of data
  • Statistical testing and using statistical tools:
    • Testing differences between groups for categorical variables
    • Testing differences between two groups for ordinal and interval variables
    • Testing differences between more than two groups for ordinal and interval variables
    • Testing relationships using correlations between ordinal and interval variables