We are experienced in building bespoke dashboards for clients using various dashboard creation tools. Our solutions have ranged from entire dashboard libraries to compact single sheet dashboards.

Our latest work on financial dashboards has been written up in the May 2019 edition of Housing Technology. This describes our work on Value for Money monitoring, scenario modelling and financial reporting.

We have put together a selection of interactive example dashboards to give an idea of the dashboards we create and the software solutions we use.

Exploring Social Housing Providers (Power BI)

The Statistical Data Return (SDR) dashboard, created in Microsoft Power BI, uses data published annually by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH). It allows the user to explore a variety of information about social housing providers in England, such as stock size, property types, location and rents.

Healthcare Performance Management (Power BI)

This proof of concept Healthcare Performance dashboard was created using Power BI to demonstrate KPI and financial reporting. The dashboard allows users to explore the performance trends of the In-Patient Unit, view detailed breakdowns of income and expenditure streams and predict future profit and loss.

Social Housing Alerts System            (R Shiny)

This R Shiny dashboard showcases our bespoke alerts system developed for income officers within social housing groups. Officer performance for a range of key metrics is tracked over time and alerts are generated using statistical process control when any of five "rules" are broken.

Sales Trend Analysis Dashboard (Power BI)

This exploratory dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of sales pattern trends and the typical seasonality effects. Variations can be examined at various different levels, including: quarterly, month of quarter, month of year, day in month and day of week, allowing users to gain comprehensive insights on sales patterns.

Mixed Use Development Dashboard (HTML app)

Built in collaboration with our partner company, Via Analytics, the Mixed Use Development Dashboard allows property developers to adjust assumptions related to new schemes in order to calculate the total potential returns as well as the maximum equity requirements, known as Scenario Modelling.

Housing Performance Dashboard - Income (Power BI)

The Housing Performance Dashboard is a proof-of-concept created using Power BI to demonstrate KPI reporting and income management. This dashboard allows users to explore the current and former arrears trends in comparison with a target and sector-wide benchmark, and also the percentage of rent collected.