Dashboard Showcase

Here we have put together a selection of example dashboards which can be tried for free.

Exploring Social Housing Providers (Power BI)

Our Statistical Data Return dashboard, created in Microsoft Power BI, uses data published by the Homes and Communities Agency in October 2017. It allows the user to explore various data about social housing providers in England, such as stock counts and property types.

Social Housing Alerts System            (R Shiny)

This R Shiny dashboard showcases our bespoke alerts system developed for income officers within social housing groups. Officer performance for a range of key metrics is tracked over time and alerts are generated using statistical process control when any of five "rules" are broken.

Mixed Use Development Dashboard (HTML app)

Built in collaboration with our partner company, Via Analytics, this dashboard allows property developers to adjust assumptions related to new schemes in order to calculate the total potential returns as well as the maximum equity requirements.