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The first stage of any analytics project is to gain an understanding of the data and information in use within the organisation. We have experience with a vast range of data, with previous clients in the housing, healthcare and manufacturing sectors, among others.

Our data services can be broken down into two main areas:

Data auditing

Our data and information audits help clients to gain a greater understanding of the way data is currently being used in their business. We have years of experience auditing data across a range of business sectors.

The audit provides a comprehensive report detailing the information being held and how it is being deployed, identifying the information needs of the orgainsiation and diagnosing any gaps in the data which may help to improve performance. The outcome is that all information resources are as useful and useable as possible.

Data Warehousing

Data warehouses are a major component of many reporting systems. Gathering the right information in one place makes data readily available for timely analytics and business intelligence. We work with our clients to provide a compact data warehouse to meet the specific requirements of each individual organisation.

Our data warehouses bring together information from a variety of disparate sources to make reporting more efficient. They can be used alongside reporting and dashboard solutions such as Power BI and R Shiny to provide accessible and interactive insights.