Data Auditing

Information is among the most fundamental assets any organisation owns. It is used in all areas of a business, but especially in financial, operational and human resource services. Information is often used to measure the performance of an organisation, for example by creating timely and accurate key performance indicators (KPIs).

We have years of experience carrying out these audits across a range of business sectors, giving us a unique perspective and ability to recommend best practice. Our method aims to address the following questions:

  • What information is being held and how is it being managed?
  • What are the current information needs of the organisation, and for each functional unit?
  • How effectively is the information currently meeting these needs?
audit diagram.PNG

Our information audit is an essential tool to ensure that the scope, quality, usefulness and usability of an organisation's information resources are as good as they can be. The result of the audit will be an exhaustive inventory of data assets, which also shows where within the organisation each sources is used, how different sources are linked and the major information flows.

In addition to evaluating current performance and diagnosing any potential areas for improvement, we also offer solutions as to how organisations can use these findings to effect positive changes. We provide comprehensive feedback to all relevant parties, which may include identifying areas that could benefit from investment in additional resources, software or training. Whatever the specific suggestions, the outcome is an improved use of information and data and consequently a maximised return on investment.