Data Visualisation

We are experienced in building bespoke dashboards for clients utilising various dashboard creation tools. We have provided entire dashboard libraries, as well as compact single sheet dashboards. Our aim is to convey our insights in a way which is both engaging and informative, with end user experience our top priority.

We normally use R Shiny to build bespoke dashboards but also have expertise in Antivia's DecisionPoint™, Microsoft Power BI, SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2013™ (formerly Xcelcius), Tableau and HTML5. Dashboards typically develop iteratively as end users begin to grasp the potential for transforming pages of report tables into accessible and informative graphics.

These dashboards often include advanced analytical capability presented in easy to understand graphs. Examples include scenario modelling and forecasting. 

We have produced a demonstration version of our social housing performance management dashboard in Antivia's DecisionPoint™ and please get in touch if you would like to see this. This dashboard has three main areas, each of which could be adapted according to individual business requirements:

  • A summary screen to show board members at-a-glance how each area of the business is performing through the use of carefully designed KPIs
  • A set of strategic dashboards to show the performance of each business area in more detail, including comparison to pre-determined targets and statistical forecasts of future performance
  • An operational perspective to allow managers to drill down to each individual employee in a business area, allowing for collaborative goal setting and progress measuring