Empowering employees with the performance information they need to deliver brilliant services.

The Together Housing Group is a leading provider of quality, affordable and modern homes for rent or sale across the North of England. It strives to uphold integrity and make a positive social impact in an industry that has been a political hot potato for the past few years in the UK.

Mark Dunford, Executive Group Director of Resources at Together Housing Group explained:

“Although our main business is providing homes to rent at affordable prices and access into low cost home ownership, as a social landlord we also take on a role to promote opportunities and well-being within the communities where we have a presence. This is reflected within our overall vision, which aims to offer customers consistently brilliant services, put social impact at the heart of what we do and be a great place to work.”

The group now consists of seven companies, all with charitable status, who manage 35,000 homes and affect over 50,000 people’s lives.

Group-wide performance management

Mark continued:

“The Together Group was formed from the merger of five existing landlords, each of whom had their own approach to performance management. To ensure the group operates effectively, we needed a consistent and transparent framework to provide a single 360 degree view of our performance.”

Together Housing Group's vision was to deliver a performance management framework that would provide an easy way for staff at all levels across the organisation to get a consistent view of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive their success. These KPIs include return on capital employed, repair and maintenance costs, average re-let days and projected annual turnover.

Expert Analytics

Combining the analytic expertise of Musgrave Analytics with beautiful insights from Antivia’s DecisionPoint™, Together Housing Group choose to work with Musgrave Analytics, to help them define, develop and deliver the performance framework.

The output of the performance framework is delivered as a series of interactive dashboard applications created with DecisionPoint™ from Antivia. Together Housing Group chose DecisionPoint™ because it makes it easy for non-programmers to create the kind of sophisticated, interactive dashboards that empower people at all levels of the organisation to answer the questions that matter most to them. Dashboards developed with DecisionPoint™ require no training to use, making them the ideal platform to share information throughout Together Housing Group.

Musgrave Analytics and Antivia provided consulting, dashboard development, advanced analytics and a data warehouse infrastructure to support the performance framework and to ensure that the solution is easy to use and accessible by people at all levels of the Together Housing Group.

The project was delivered using a phased approach, starting with a proof of concept which integrated a subset of financial and operational metrics into a single interactive dashboard, and then expanding to include additional metrics to provide the complete 360 degree view Together Housing Group required.

Performance Framework

The performance framework now has several elements, including:

  • A consistent set of timely KPIs delivering ‘one version of the truth’
  • Easy to use dashboards that make performance scores, operational and financial metrics and asset management data far more accessible at all levels, from board members to managers and to front-line employees
  • Advanced data mining and analytics to identify the causes of performance variation, spot outliers automatically and monitor unusual changes in behaviour
  • The ability to monitor performance readily, understanding the links to strategic risks

This has been a very high-profile, strategic project for Together Housing Group, as Mark explained:

“Delivering high performance is one of seven key values we hold as a group. Providing good cost effective services has become more important than ever, given changes to the economic and external environment in the UK.”

From static and sporadic data to interactive and comprehensive information, Mark said:

“Before DecisionPoint™ we were reliant on a suite of Excel and Word templates to provide performance management reporting. It was a real challenge to ensure timely, consistent and accurate information was available to all of our employees. Now, with DecisionPoint™, everyone has access to the most recent information in a dashboard they can just pick-up and use."

Performance Results

Through the operational framework, the Together Housing Group are able to accurately report on the progress the organisation is making, and work toward achieving their vision of offering their customers consistently brilliant services, putting social impact at the heart of what they do and being a great place to work.

Mark concluded:

“The framework that Musgrave Analytics helped us develop and the dashboards created with DecisionPoint™ give clarity to staff and stakeholders as to what we mean by ‘delivering high performance’, one of our key values. It also helps us to assess whether we are achieving our corporate goal of delivering brilliant services.”